Back-to-School Thoughts and Feelings

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Target is wiped out, the grocery store has sold out of water bottles, and police officers are stationed with speed guns everywhere. Happy August!

Whether you’re dropping off the kids, prepping your classroom, or heading back to school there are some communal thoughts and feelings we all experience about the first week back to school.

“I could’ve sworn I saved those *insert school supply item* from last year”

Let’s be real- school supply shopping can be kind of insane. Students, parents, and teachers can all relate to the slight feeling of dread that comes along with realizing you do in fact need to buy yet another miniature stapler

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“Why. Are. There. So. Many. Forms.”

Can’t we get some sort of digital master form? Its 2019 people, save the trees and save our wrists.

“Oh, they didn’t paint over that NSFW graffiti in the parking lot. Cool”

Every school has some graffiti image that has lingered around for years. It probably has tenure now, so it can’t be replaced.

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“This year I am packing a lunch every single day.”

Ha, good one. After one week of the addition 15 minutes of packing a lunch in the morning, we all know we’re heading back to the cafeteria or ordering out.

“Really? They’re gonna start road construction this week?”

Has anyone else noticed that all summer road work is kept to a minimum and then day one of school it’s like every road needs pothole attention and every traffic light is out?

“We are sticking with a bedtime-gotta get those 8 hours!”

Whether it’s for yourself or your kids, the elusive goal of a good night’s rest and consistent bedtime may come easy to some, but once the school year gets rolling and schedules seem to change on a weekly basis, just getting everyone home at night deserves a gold star.

“Homework (or studying or grading) is going to be done before dinner. No more late nights cramming or waking up extra early to finish it.”

Maybe some of you truly do operate this way, but I know when I was a student I was the queen of procrastinating.

“Laying clothes out the night before will make mornings easier and ensure we look put-together each day.”

It’s a good thing first impressions happen that first week, cause by week 2 this beautiful goal will be replaced with frantically picking something out in the morning. But hey, any routine is better than no routine!

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“Daily vitamins. Hand sanitizer. Balanced diet. Gallons of water. This year, we are not getting the back-to-school cold.”

This mantra happens to also repeat itself in the spring with flu season. Someday we’ll all accept that the common cold is truly unavoidable and celebrate our snotty noses.

“How many weeks until Thanksgiving break?”

As much as we all secretly love the back-to-school season, there’s really nothing like days off at home with family.

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