Trump Administration Donates $35 Million to Aid Human Trafficking Victims

Credit: Don Emmert/AFP via Getty Images

Grants have been awarded to nonprofits that aid those victimized by human trafficking.

More than $35 million in Justice Department grants have been awarded to nonprofit organizations that provide safe housing and aid for victims of human trafficking. During a White House event on Tuesday that was attended by human trafficking victims and organizations that aid them, Attorney General William Barr and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump announced the awards.

The grants will be shared by 73 organizations in 34 states and will provide anywhere from 6 to 24 months of transitional or short-term housing assistance to survivors. Such assistance includes helping victims to pay rent, utilities or related expenses like a security deposit, White House officials said. The funds will also go towards helping victims find permanent housing, obtain a job and receive occupational training and counseling.

Some of the organizations taking part in the sharing of the grants include Camillus House Inc. in Miami, Alternatives for Girls in Detroit, and the Jordan Community Resource Center in Shaker Heights.

Credit: WWLP

At the event, Barr said, “I also thank all the survivors and their advocates here for their courage and determination to end this evil scourge.” He went on to say that victims of human trafficking “face a new challenge” upon being “liberated from the nightmare…they have nowhere to live.” As a result, the justice department took an important step to keep its promise in helping victims. Barr also announced that his department would do everything possible to “investigate, prosecute and punish” traffickers.

Ivanka called human trafficking the “gravest of human rights violations” and said the event was an opportunity for the participants to confront trafficking, as well as listen to the victims tell their personal stories.

Since taking office, President Donald Trump promised to elevate the fight against human trafficking. To address and handle the issue, the president appointed a special advisor. In late January, a summit on human trafficking was held at the White House.

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