Which Crash Bandicoot Character Are You?

Credit: Toys For Bob


Despite effectively being the face of PlayStation back in the 90s, Crash Bandicoot has always been something of an outlier compared to other major game icons. If I were to hazard a guess why, it’s probably because Crash games stopped being good after the third one. Except the kart games, those were good. Still, even if Crash never quite reached the heights of his contemporaries Mario and Sonic, he holds a comfortable place in many a 90s kid heart.

In addition to the bandicoot himself, the Crash series features a surprisingly large array of mutant animals and oddly proportioned people. I guess it’s not an especially difficult concept to work around: take an animal, dress ’em up, make ’em buff, and you have a Crash boss. The system works. Answer a few questions for us, and we’ll see which of these weirdos is closest to you.

  • What Sounds Tastiest?

    • Fresh fruit
    • Fish
    • Protein bars
    • Rare steak
    • Pickle-fudge sundae
  • What Sounds Most Relaxing?

    • Napping in the sun
    • Building a go-kart
    • Scientific experimentation
    • Working out
    • Setting off fireworks
  • What Kind of Person Annoys You?

    • No one in particular
    • Lazy people
    • Meddlesome people
    • Short people
    • Loud people
  • How Do You Typically Solve a Problem?

    • Bash your head against it until it works
    • Carefully devise a logical solution
    • Get someone else to fix it
    • Smash things
    • Threaten people
  • Where Would You Like to Spend Time?

    • A sandy beach
    • A fully-stocked garage
    • A giant castle
    • A wrestling ring
    • A dark laboratory

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