Roger Craig Smith Stepping Down as Voice of Sonic

Credit: Unsplash

Who will assume the role of the speedy hedgehog next?

For a little over ten years now, Sonic the Hedgehog has been played by accomplished voice actor Roger Craig Smith in all of his appearances (not counting the Sonic movie, in which he was played by Ben Schwartz). While the original change to Smith from previous voice actors Ryan Drummond and Jason Craig was an adjustment for fans, he proved to be a fantastic fit for the blue blur, conveying the character’s trademark wisecracking, impulsive personality to a tee. He even portrayed the character in the Sonic Boom animated series, which ran for two seasons.

However, somewhat suddenly, it seems Smith’s time in the trademark red sneakers has come to an end. On his personal Twitter today, Smith said “10 years was an amazing run,” thanking fans for their longtime support. While he did not explicitly say that he was retiring from the role, the implication is pretty obvious. This came completely out of left field, as Sega had not announced his time with the character was ending, nor have they commented on the matter as of writing.

Despite its suddenness, Smith’s announcement has drawn an outpouring of support on his Twitter from both fans and castmates wishing him well in all of his future endeavors.

Considering Sega hasn’t even acknowledged the departure yet, there’s obviously no word on who will be assuming the role of the spiny blue hero next. Perhaps Ben Schwartz could be persuaded to take on the job full time?

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