Wait, Where Were Clay and Nicole for the BIP Finale?

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The two-hour finale left unanswered questions regarding the status of one couple

One of the most stable relationships of Bachelor in Paradise (yes, I recognize that sounds like an oxymoron) was that of ex-NFL player Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar. The two hit it off early on in the season and remained standing come proposal day.

They pushed through their share of drama, including the return of infamous Jordan Kimball and Mr. Suave himself Christian Estrada taking Nicole on dates during the same week. Though Jordan and Christian were eventually removed from the show due to physical altercations surrounding Christians’s continued efforts to court Nicole, while Jordan had taken a backseat to the relationship out of respect for Clay.

They stood strong when producers *did the absolute most* and brought in Clay’s ex-girlfriend to join the cast after the ex-couple had spoken at a wedding. And they stayed on to go to fantasy suites, though their night was cut short, with the expectation that they would be engaged come proposal day.

But Clay didn’t propose, instead offering to take their relationship slow off the beach. Nicole was not having it and walked away. The two are driven off the premises in separate vehicles, leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

Would they try dating after the show? Would Clay apologize? Would Nicole apologize?

That’s what the finale is for—specifically, the after-the-rose talk show with Chris Harrison. We were expecting him to uncomfortably put the couple(?) on the couch and have them hash things out in front of a live audience. Classic Harrison.

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And apparently, he did, but none of it was shown in the two-hour finale. The shows Twitter feed gave confused fans all the answers that the aired-show didn’t.

While Nicole’s feelings for Clay were obvious throughout, Clay was never able to fully vocalize his feelings for her. Harrison brought Nicole out first, who shared her feelings about his deceitfulness, expressing that she didn’t want to be holding onto his empty promises and “what if’s” in fear that she would be an “Angela 2.0.”

Angela then chimed in, sharing that what he did to Nicole sounded very familiar to how he treated her as well and that she hates that he did this to Nicole. Harrison then brought Clay out, and he addressed his intentions behind coming to Mexico and what he had hoped out of his relationship. When he broke things off with ex-girlfriend Angela, he had promised to take time for himself, but rather went straight to join BIP and pursued Nicole.

Nicole gave truth to rumors that she was now dating someone else, ending the conversation explaining that no woman should have to doubt their partner’s feelings for them and if the love is reciprocated. Can I get an Amen?

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