Workouts Get Political: SoulCycle and Equinox Members Cancel Memberships

Stephen Ross, do you feel the burn?

Popular gym the Equinox and pioneer cycle studio SoulCycle have come under much scrutiny recently as it was revealed that the companies’ owner Stephen Ross is closely affiliated with President Donald Trump. It was released on social media that Ross is planning to throw a dinner party and fundraiser to raise money for his re-election campaign, and customers and fans of his many (many) companies were vocal in their feelings.

The cult-following of the two fitness studios (which make up a small fraction of Ross’ earnings) are largely enjoyed by young, city-living millennials who may be less likely to favor the re-election of Trump. As a result, Twitter erupted in protest, memberships were canceled, and even Hollywood made their opinions on the affiliation clear.

As members boycott the studios and classes began to empty, CEO’s of each respective company has denounced the fundraiser and alleged that their companies have no place in the fundraiser.

A petition on was started after the news broke, demanding SoulCycle to work to have the event canceled, and remove itself from any future involvement with the Trump administration.

“We don’t understand how this company, which owes its success to its LGBTQ membership especially in its largest markets in California, New York, Miami, Chicago and other big cities around the world thinks it’s appropriate to be tied to this fundraiser,” the circulating petition commands.

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