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Three popular pieces to compliment your wardrobe

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Three popular pieces to compliment your wardrobe

As trends seem to last less than a week, it can be near impossible to incorporate long-lasting pieces into your wardrobe with the confidence that they’ll be in style next season. But like my girl Sam Montgomery from A Cinderella Story said, “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Here are some summer styles worth investing in, that will transition into your fall wardrobe and last you more than a couple of weeks.

A Midi Skirt

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An entire Instagram account has been created in reaction to the incredibly on-trend Leopard print midi skirt. Though the animal print look maybe a little saturated, a midi skirt is a new wardrobe staple.

They can be worn professionally with a blouse and kitten heels, for a girls night with booties and a silk cami, or as streetwear with a tied up band tee and sneakers. A standard color or muted pattern will be easiest to incorporate with other pieces and serve as your best friend when packing for trips

Biker Shorts

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One word. Practicality. The best transition pieces are ones that serve style and function.

The right pair of Biker shorts do just that. From back-to-school shopping and late nights studying, to weekend lunches and workout classes, the spandex mid-thigh shorts are the most versatile comfort option. Go for a dark neutral, like black or sage green, and pair with your favorite workout shoes and a sports bra for move-in day, or with a crop tank and oversized blazer for an edgy date night outfit

Square Neckline Bodysuit

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Something about the perfect right-angled straps and simple ribbed fabric makes this piece flattering on all. Bodysuits offer the seamless tucked-in look without the annoyance of constant re-tucking and running the risk of shirt lines.

As we transition into fall, they are a perfect base layer under a cute cardigan, blazer, oversized sweater or button-down shirt. Pair with your favorite denim and you have yourself the easiest, most hassle-free outfit

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