A Cheese-Themed Hotel is Opening in London

Credit: Secret London

Without a doubt, you brie-long there.

If you are a die-hard cheese fan or are even a brave lactose intolerant soul that still indulges in cheese, then you’ll want to book a reservation at this hotel suite in London that is fully dedicated to cheese.

U.K.-based chain Café Rouge announced that it is opening a cheese-themed hotel suite in London’s Camden neighborhood. The suite was made in partnership with Cuckooz homes, a company that creates custom hotel rooms. The cheese hotel will surround the guest with as much cheese possible, and honestly, it sounds delicious.

“Draped from head-to-toe in cheese-themed decor, the Cheese Suite includes a cheese hotline delivery service, cheese board games, cheese soap, and giant cheese installations,” Café Rouge says on its website.

There is no exact date yet as to when the Cheese Suite will officially open, but Café Rouge is already hosting a contest where one lucky winner and a friend can stay in the suite on Friday, February 7. So you won’t have to be “provolone” if you win.

Those interested will need to fill out an online form with their name and email address and answer a quick question about cheese. Every person is limited to one entry.

And just to hype you up for the new cheese-themed hotel suite, here’s a good ol’ cheese joke:

Why did the cheese get in trouble? It was up to no gouda.

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