Las Vegas Has a Spot That Serves Giant Boba Teas

Credit: Buzzfeed

Can you take on the challenge of downing a gallon of boba tea?

Forget that cup of joe or mug of hot tea because boba tea is where it’s at. And one Las Vegas spot serves up giant glasses of the sweet munchy drink.

Milk + T is a self-serve boba bar that offers a giant 1-gallon jar of boba tea. Milk + T first started as a food truck in 2015 but evolved into a popular hot-spot that went on to create three different locations across the west coast. The boba shop now has locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The gallon-sized drink costs $75 plus tax and contains classic milk tea, 16 ounces of boba, and the customer’s choice of ice cream.

For those that are looking to take on the drink, it is advised that they call the shop ahead of time and RSVP. The massive drink is also only available Monday through Thursday, so make it a weekday date if you want to hit up Milk + T.

But if that is too much boba for you, the shop also sells regular sized drinks. The addition of an ice cream topping is $1. The best part is that Milk + T makes all of their beverages with natural ingredients.

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