Bobby Berk Clarifies Departure from ‘Queer Eye’ Amid Contract Speculation

Credit: Unsplash

Berk Opens Up About Leaving the Show and Addressing Rumors About Relationship with Co-Star Tan France

Bobby Berk, renowned interior design expert and member of the Fab Five on Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” has addressed recent speculation about his departure from the show. In an interview with Vanity Fair published Thursday, Berk shed light on the circumstances surrounding his decision to leave the popular series.

Berk revealed that after the Fab Five’s contracts expired in 2022, he had moved on to other endeavors, believing that their time together on the show had come to an end. However, he was contacted about signing a new contract to continue appearing on “Queer Eye,” which came as a surprise after he had mentally and emotionally moved on from the show.

Despite the option to return, Berk made the decision not to sign the new contract, as he had already begun planning and committing to other projects during the interim period. He expressed that leaving the show was not an easy decision, acknowledging the significant impact “Queer Eye” has had on his life and career.

Addressing recent rumors about friction among the Fab Five, particularly regarding his relationship with co-star Tan France, Berk clarified that any personal differences were unrelated to the show and emphasized that he and France would be fine. He described their relationship as akin to siblings, with occasional disagreements being a natural part of their dynamic.

Berk’s departure from “Queer Eye” comes after the show’s recent success, including winning a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program. While his decision to leave marks a new chapter in his career, Berk remains grateful for the opportunities and experiences gained from his time on the show.


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