Build Your Own Bloody Mary at This Florida Resort

Credit: Naples Grande Beach Resort

If you somehow end up at this resort, then get ready for a wild night!

The Catch of The Pelican at the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Florida invites guests to become their very own mixologist at the build-your-own Bloody Mary bar that features more than 48,000 possible combinations of drink ingredients. The bar comes fully equipped with eight homemade glass rim choices including orange salt, Peruvian chili citrus salt, dill sea, white truffle, Old Bay, Sriracha salt, smoked salt, and gochujang salt.

The next step – the spirits step – involves choosing either vodka or tequila with either homemade or green Bloody Mary mix.

As for toppings, guests can choose anything from jalapeno poppers, egg rolls and empanadas to fried ravioli. But it gets even better; for a bit of a kick, guests can toss in a little Crystal Hot Sauce, Louisiana Hot Sauce, El Yucateo Chipotle Tabasco, and Green Tabasco.

Guests can purchase one drink for $14 or go bottomless for $35 as well as enjoy 75 different food options to top their drink with.

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