Get Ready to Bake and Brawl at Your Next Game Night

Credit: Streamline Games

Looking for the next Overcooked or Cooking Mama?

Streamline Games launched a Kickstarter campaign last month in hopes of funding the online multiplayer game Bake ‘n Switch on Nintendo Switch. The game, described as a “violently cute party brawler,” allows up to four players who must work as a team to knead, roll, and bake dough creatures— who then have to be given up to appease the Hangry Guardians.

Players will journey through levels to summon the Guardians, satisfy their “munchies” and gain their help to defeat The Scourge.

The developer promises “full contact baking, in-your-face action co-op” as well as a range of easy to challenging levels.

Credit: Streamline Games

The game was supposed to embark on a worldwide tour, attending conventions and game festivals to drum up press and interest. However, due to the pandemic, employees were forced to work from home and all events were canceled. Streamline Games navigated the dilemma and settled on using Kickstarter to bring the game to Day One release.

Having secured the funding it needed, Bake ‘n Switch will see a summer beta release, and those who pledged to various Kickstarter tiers will see the online beta for Steam from June through August.

Bake ‘n Switch will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide this summer.

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