Japanese Nintendo Theme Park Nears Completion

Credit: Unsplash

New pictures show a colorful slice a game world brought to life.

Back in 2015, Nintendo and Universal Studios announced a formal partnership that would allow the latter to use the former’s properties in the creation of brand new gaming-themed theme parks. The first of these parks, Super Nintendo World, was supposed to open at Universal Studios Japan in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics, right next to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Unfortunately, due to everyone’s favorite global pandemic, the opening of the park was delayed to Spring of 2021. However, while the opening has been pushed back, the construction crews have still been hard at work, and judging by some newly released pictures, they’ve assembled quite a spectacle.

New aerial photos of Super Nintendo World’s construction were posted last month by Japanese news site The Sankei News. Judging from these pictures, it looks like the entrance to the park carries you through Princess Peach’s castle, and from there you have multiple colorful destinations, including Bowser’s Castle, a Donkey Kong-themed jungle, the Mario Motors kart racing attraction, and a Yoshi-themed attraction through the large mountain. The landscape is dotted with Mario mainstays, like Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and a big goal flag at the top of the mountain, though since the top of mountain seems to have some exposed wiring, it is unclear whether or not guests will be able to climb it.

As previous trailers have shown, the coin blocks that dot the park can be smacked by guests to accumulate coins and stars with a companion smartphone app, and those who collect the most during their stay will earn prizes. These same designs and systems will be incorporated into the other Super Nintendo World parks that are planned for Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando. Unlike the Japanese park, opening dates for the two American parks are still very much in the air. The Orlando park was supposed to be included in Universal’s brand new theme park, Epic Universe, but as construction on that park has been delayed indefinitely, it may have to be stitched into the main Universal park instead.

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