Amazon UK Customers Receive Random Junk Instead of PS5s

Credit: Unsplash

A toaster is basically a PS5, right?

The PlayStation 5 is currently harder to obtain than the Holy Grail. For the past week, stories have littered Twitter about the valiant efforts of shoppers refreshing store pages constantly, but then the moment they get a PS5 into their shopping cart, it vanishes into the ether. For the lucky ones that managed to successfully place their orders, the day of the console’s arrival should be a joyous occasion, but some decidedly unlucky folks have had days that are anything but.

Over the last day, a rash of Amazon users, specifically Amazon UK, have reported that when they received their PS5s in the mail, they’ve opened the box to find some miscellaneous piece of junk. Some items received include NERF guns, foot massagers, air fryers, cat food, five-pound bags of bulgur, and rock salt lamps. Perhaps even more worrying are the additional reports of package couriers “missing” deliveries while the recipients are at home waiting, or of customers finding visible signs of tampering on boxes.

No official cause of this rash of junk delivery has been announced, but it doesn’t a rocket scientist to piece it together: would-be scalpers, either in distribution centers or delivery trucks, are swiping PS5s, replacing them with whatever happens to be on hand (or not replacing them at all), and then reselling the valuable consoles elsewhere at an insane markup. Those who have contacted Amazon support haven’t received much in the way of assistance beyond an urging to wait two days and then request a refund.

While these incidents are a minority compared to those who received their consoles safely, people are still frustrated with Amazon, as well as other retailers that have partnered up with them to sell PS5s. Amazon has yet to comment on the matter.

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