Marvel Releases Teaser Trailer for ‘Eternals’

Credit: Unsplash

You’ve met Earth’s mightiest heroes, now meet its oldest.

While I can’t profess to know the entirety of Marvel’s back catalog of heroes, I know most of the major ones and a handful of the lesser ones. I’m still waiting for that Moon Knight series, Marvel. Anyway, there’s one property that has existed in the background of the Marvel universe for, well, as long as there’s been a Marvel universe, and they’re finally taking the spotlight in an upcoming MCU film.

Marvel released a new teaser trailer for Eternals, another installment in the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unlike many of Marvel’s heroes, who are either human or relatively young aliens, the titular Eternals are quite literally the oldest superpowered beings on Earth. They’re a race of immortal humanoid aliens, each with their own incredible powers, that came to mankind in its earliest days and began guiding its progress forward from the shadows. For centuries, that’s all they’ve done, but after the snafus of the Thanos incident, they’ve decided it’s time to come out of hiding and be a little more overt with their incredible abilities. They’ll need to, as their ancient enemies, a race of mutant shapeshifters known as the Deviants, are making moves on humanity of their own.

Interestingly, Twitter has taken particular notice of the last bit of the trailer, wherein one of the members of the Eternal family, Sprite, says at the dinner table, “now that Captain Rogers and Iron Man are both gone, who do you think’s gonna lead the Avengers?” Fans have noted that Sprite did not address Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, by his title, implying that the world has officially accepted Sam Wilson, formerly The Falcon, as the new Captain America as of the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier– sorry, Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

Marvel’s Eternals will be releasing in theaters some time in November of this year.

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