Meghan Markle Was Called A Nightmare For What?!

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Oh no they did not go after the Duchess of Sussex!

Meghan Markle basically took over the world when she married into the royal family, following up what was already a bit of stardom with a complete conversion to full-blown celebrity. And with her increased fame, we have been lucky enough to receive increased looks at her unique and lovely style.

Meghan recently made a low-key outing to Wimbledon to see her friend, Serena Williams, play. What was supposed to be casual turned into quite a bit of drama, from people initially being upset about her no-photo policy, to an official later calling her a nightmare for wearing jeans, or what was considered to be a fashion faux pas? According to the official, Meghan sat in the All England Club members area, where denim wasn’t allowed.

However, we loved Meghan’s outfit. She wore a white and black pinstripe blazer, a black t-shirt, a creamy white and black hat, and jeans. And while we understand that her visit may have been a little more eventful than their norm, the name-calling seemed a bit extreme.

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