Christian-Girl-Autumn or Basic Fall Girl?

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Does the circulation of the new meme mark the official end of summer?

In case you’ve lived under a rock this week, a certain meme showing two girls VERY ready for fall has made its way around the internet. The look is being called “Christian Girl Autumn” and if its anything like Hot Girl Summer, there will be pop songs, fashion campaigns, and too many poorly timed jokes to be made about it.

But who is the new fall girl? Instead of bodysuits and hard seltzers adored by hot girls everywhere, the autumn girl will truly embody “fall is life” and slam dunk her buffalo plaid blanket scarf through a hoop made of macramé burlap. She likely purchased her entire fall wardrobe at Alter’d State and doodles meaningful messages and quotes insider her Passion Planner. She is painstakingly obsessed with doing it for the ‘gram, and her Instagram bio details the exact role she plays in life (fiancé to ____, dog mommy to ____, bestie for the restie with my girl gang ____) followed by three adjectives that really, could be used to describe anyone. If she’s a student, she is genuinely excited for classes to pick back up so she can return to her micro-managed and highlighted schedule. She isn’t just here for the PSL, folks. She is *here* for EVERYTHING fall has to offer, including pumpkin-themed face masks, pumpkin-flavored frozen yogurt, pumpkin-scented Yankee Candles, and of course, pumpkin-patterned matching pajama sets.

But enough hating on her, there are some qualities from the autumn queen we could all learn from. She is absolutely always ready for anything life throws at her. With her Louis Vuitton Neverfull and Lonchamp tote bags, this girl can weather any storm. She is early to everything, symbolic of the fact that Halloween costumes are already infiltrating department stores. She is a willing friend, in fact, she’s probably already filled out a shared Google calendar for the whole group to go take pictures at a corn maze. She is fall, and embraces all that comes with it (except hurricanes, student loan debt, cold weather, lack of sunlight, transitioning to neutral tones, the end of frosé, and the loss of pool floaties).

Basic queens, a new season is upon us and it is time for us all to dawn our fall-inspired costumes. And as a full disclaimer, both ladies featured in the photo have reacted with beautiful humor about the circulating meme and have had great fun making fun of themselves at the entertainment of the internet. We stan a queen who knows who she is, doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it, and makes us all laugh at our own basic-b habits.

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