Princess Diana’s Old Gym Clothes Sold For Over $50k

(Photo Credit: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images/WireImage)

Princess Diana is truly iconic and timeless

Princess Diana seems to be a name that everybody knows. Whether it’s from her fame in the royal family, her charity work and kindness, her untimely, tragic death, or her legacy, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know a thing or two about the late Princess Di. So when we recently heard what some of her unwashed gym clothes sold for, we weren’t surprised that it sold for a high price — but we were surprised to hear what it earned during a recent auction.

It was recently announced that Princess Diana’s favorite workout sweatshirt would soon go up to auction, with sellers expecting to fetch several thousand dollars. What they weren’t expecting, however, was to receive over $50,000 for this piece of Diana’s closet.

The pullover featured Virgin Atlantic’s Varga Girl logo, and it was given to trainer Jenni Rivett in 1997. She decided to put it up for auction on Boston-based RR Auction, where it fetched a huge sum due to its anonymous buyer in California.

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