Michael Bublé Released a New Holiday Song, so it’s Officially Christmas

Credit: Michael Bublé

There’s no such thing as Christmas spirit unless you’re blasting Michael Bublé.

Michael Bublé has released a brand-new version of “White Christmas” – a live recording, where audience clapping can be heard in the background – accompanied by an animated music video that features a stop-motion version of himself hanging out with a guitar-playing snow woman. Viewers are also taken into Santa’s workshop where elves are hard at work preparing and packaging gifts, and can see Bublé dancing and ice-skating with reindeer and penguins. Most notable about the music video is the feature of Bublé’s family, with children Noah, Elias and Vida tucked up in bed as he and his wife Luisana watch on.

Michael’s official YouTube and Facebook accounts posted the new video along with the caption: “Christmas isn’t Christmas without Michael Bublé.”

The director of the music video, Lior Molcho, exclusively told Smooth Radio that every single item in the MV was made by hand, from “the trees, the snow, the snow woman, the presents.”

Are you excited for Christmas yet? Or is Thanksgiving first?

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