‘Percy Jackson’ Author Wants Disney to Reboot His Series

Credit: The Disinsider

Leave it to the fans to jump on the bandwagon.

Author Rick Riordan of the Percy Jackson series has confirmed that he is in talks with Disney to reboot his franchise, Percy Jackson and the Olympians. In response to the reports, fans took to Twitter to push the movement, getting #DisneyAdaptPercyJackson to trend on the social media site.

Riordan and his fans openly criticized the original movie adaptations, which were based on his five-part book series based on the Greek myths. The first two films flopped and as a result, the three other continuation movies were not filmed.

However, the success of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief on Broadway and the Disney merger with Fox has sparked renewed interest. As a result of the Disney-Fox merger, the House of Mouse now owns the Percy Jackson franchise.

Many people are calling for a Disney+ series based on the books, and it makes sense seeing as Disney would need content to maintain its demand for quality streaming content. There are already Star Wars series and Marvel series in the works for Disney+, so there are now many hopefuls for a Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series.

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