Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa Divorced

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TikTok Influencers Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa Call It Quits

TikTok stars Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa, who rose to fame by documenting their relationship on the popular social media platform, recently announced their decision to end their marriage just before their first wedding anniversary. After six and a half years together, Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa have chosen to go their separate ways.

In an interview with Out magazine on July 9, 27-year-old Nicky revealed that social media had played a significant role in the breakdown of their relationship. He expressed the complexities that arose from turning their personal lives into a public brand, stating, “With social media, it’s a bit complicated. Our relationship became a brand… I would tell people it almost became like a Black Mirror episode.” Nicky emphasized that he holds no animosity towards Pierre, 36, and spoke of his love and respect for him. Having spent his formative years with Pierre, Nicky regards him as a special person who will always hold a significant place in his life.

However, the pressures of showcasing their lives online, with both influencers amassing over 13 million TikTok followers individually, ultimately took a toll on their relationship. Nicky confessed that he felt confined within their cultivated image, admitting, “I lost myself in this relationship… I had to choose me and pick me first. And I think [Pierre] had to do the same, and that’s the direction we’re heading in.”

Pierre, also known as Pierre Amaury Crespeau, kept his response brief, sharing the news of their breakup on his Instagram Story on July 9 with a simple statement: “We broke up.” As a result of their separation, they will no longer feature each other on their social media accounts or their joint YouTube channel.

While the couple’s relationship has come to an end, Nicky is eager to embark on the next chapter of his life and rediscover his individuality. He expressed a desire to find his own voice and break free from the shadow of the brand they had created together. Moving forward, Nicky’s focus will be on reconnecting with himself and creating a platform where he can be his authentic self.

The breakup of TikTokers Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa marks the end of a chapter in their lives that they once shared with their millions of followers. As they both navigate their separate paths, fans will undoubtedly be watching closely to see what the future holds for these influential figures.


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