Samyang Drops ‘Light’ Spicy Noodle Variant for Those That Can’t Withstand Fire

Credit: Walmart

For the “lightweights” of the spicy ramen world, this pack of instant noodles is for you.

Samyang, the brand that behind the ever-popular Hot Chicken Spicy Noodles, recently released a new Light version of the famed noodles.

The Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen is measured to be 8,706 SHU and is presumed to be the spiciest instant noodle in the whole world. The ramen has gone on to spark many ramen challenges, with YouTubers and foodies taking on the challenge to finish a bowl of the spicy ramen. It has been described as eating fire

But for those who really like the delicious taste of the original spicy noodles but cannot take the heat, Samyang released a Light version where the spice is reduced by 40 percent. There is still a good kick to the ramen, but it’s not anything that will make your mouth burn and face sweat.

Samyang is famous for coming up with different flavors for its Hot Chicken Spicy Noodles, such as the popular cheese, carbonara, and 2x hot version flavors.

So if you’re an instant noodle lover but not quite big on breathing fire, then try out the new “light” spicy noodles and let us know how it tastes!

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