What is Your Patron Snack?

Credit: Variety Fun

There’s no time like snack time.

People these days are a lot more health conscious, so there’s been a bit of a drop in mindless snacking, at least compared to twenty years ago or so.

Even so, we don’t all have the time or desire for avocado toast, so once in a while, you just gotta get over it and pop a bag of chips. There’s no shame in it, sometimes you just gotta have something to nosh on.

So when you’ve got those snack-time cravings, what do you usually reach for? Well, answer a few questions, and I bet I can guess.

  • What’s Your Favorite Basic Food?

    • Potatoes
    • Corn
    • Nuts
    • Bread
    • Fruit
  • What Kind Of Texture Should A Snack Have?

    • Crispy
    • Crunchy
    • Airy
    • Soft
    • Varied textures at once
  • Which Of These Colors Do You Like Best?

    • White
    • Brown
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • All of the above
  • What’s The Best Drink To Accompany A Snack?

    • Beer
    • Energy Drink
    • Water
    • Juice
    • Soda
  • How Much Does The Nutrition Of A Snack Concern You?

    • Not at all
    • A little
    • Some
    • Enough to influence my choice
    • A lot

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