Who’s Your Favorite Core Avengers Member?

Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney

They don’t call them Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for nothing.

Those Marvel superheroes of ours have sure been through some stuff in the last few years. Fighting aliens, hunting down Infinity Stones, messing with the laws of physics, beating each other up, being erased by Thanos, being erased by Sony… what a wild ride it’s been.

Though the team has undergone a bit of restructuring over the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can never forget the core group that started the Avengers in the first place. Answer a few questions for us, and we’ll guess which is closest to your heart.

  • What’s Your Favorite Color?

    • Red
    • Grey
    • Black
    • Purple
    • Green
    • Blue
  • Where Would You Like To Live?

    • A rural ranch with a big field
    • Anywhere people can’t find me
    • An army barracks
    • A modest one or two-floor house
    • An opulent palace
    • A fancy modern high-rise
  • What’s Your Favorite Way To Socialize?

    • Quality time with family
    • A quiet event with coworkers
    • An upbeat party with close friends
    • A large-scale black-tie event
    • A big feast with lots of good food and drink
    • Not at all
  • How Would You React If Someone Threatened You?

    • Ask them politely yet firmly to stop
    • Make a snarky quip
    • Beg them to stop for both your sakes’
    • Laugh in their face
    • Threaten them back
    • Scrutinize them for potential weaknesses
  • What’s The Most Important Quality For A Hero?

    • Self-Sacrifice
    • Dedication
    • Intelligence
    • Honor
    • Skill
    • Duty
  • What’s The Worst Kind Of Person?

    • A bad leader
    • A sociopath
    • A bully
    • A schemer
    • A criminal
    • A despot

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