SOAPBOTTLE Offers A Sustainable Zero-Waste Solution For Care Products

Wash Without Any Waste

How many bottles of beauty and skincare products have you thrown away in your lifetime? It’s probably too many to count, but one German product designer Joanna Breitenhuber is making it her mission to address the packaging waste issue creating a zero-waste solution! She’s doing this by using soap and recyclable materials to create a new form of packaging!

Her company is called SOAPBOTTLE a sustainable zero-waste solution for body wash featuring biodegradable soap packaging that can be used as a bar hand soap or process into a washing powder…how cool is that! Imagine finishing a bottle of body wash that you can repurpose into a bar of soap to wash your hands or process into fine pieces to use for household chores. The soap is made out of natural ingredients and is biodegradable completely avoiding all waste!

Here’s how it works. Simply open the bottle by cutting the marked corner, place the SOAPBOTTLE on a sponge or hang on a rope, use the product as desired, and close the bottle with a re-usable metal clip. The reusable metal closure is made of stainless steel that can be recycled along with the recycled paper label.

SOAPBOTTLE is currently in development and is looking for supporters who will be the first lucky users of this new product! You can check SOAPBOTTLE out here on KickStarter to support. There campaign will be ending at 10am on April 22 so hurry on over and support their AMAZING idea! Their first product is expected in 2022. Also, be sure to give them a follow over on Instagram to stay up to date with all their latest news and products!

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