‘Spider-Man’ Tickets Come with Free NFTs

Credit: Unsplash

First-comers to the new film will receive a unique NFT.

At midnight last night, tickets went on sale for the upcoming Marvel film, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people want to see this movie, which is why numerous ticket sites crashed under the sheer weight of people looking to get tickets for opening day on December 17. Those who are planning to see the film at an AMC theater will be receiving an extra goody along with their ticket.

As AMC announced prior to their ticket sales going live, the first 86,000 people who buy a ticket to see Spider-Man: No Way Home at an AMC theater will also receive a code to redeem a free NFT image based on the film. Apparently, all of these NFTs will be maintained through Wax, the world’s first certified carbon-neutral blockchain. There are 100 different designs available, and if you pre-order your ticket on the AMC website, you’ll receive a link to redeem one on December 22, though you will need to have an AMC Stubs account to receive the code.

According to AMC CEO Adam Aron, both AMC shareholders and their customers have been “calling” for NFTs related to the movies they see at AMC theaters. While the accuracy of this statement is… questionable, the Spider-Man sales could prove to be a successful test case if the NFTs actually do inspire greater sales. Of course, since it is a Marvel movie, and Spider-Man at that, they would probably get well over 86,000 sales whether they come with NFTs or not, so perhaps it’s not the best sample size.

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