What Your White Claw Flavor Says About You

Is your favorite Ruby Grapefruit or Pure?

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Are you a Pure or Mango flavor?

There may not be laws while drinking claws, but there is classification. White Claw’s may be the biggest thing to rock summer 2019—we’re talking bigger than leopard midi skirts, folks—and it seems everyone has their preferred flavor.  

Whether you’re a Black Cherry lover (probably also someone who enjoyed the taste of medicine growing up) or a Mango devotee (let’s hang), we all have our Claw of choice. And as the summer of hard seltzers comes to an end, it is our civic duty to pay homage to the reigning beverage by a tribute to each beautiful flavor. Here’s what your White Claw flavor says about you. 

Ruby Grapefruit 

I’d bet you are the houseplant loving, organic fruit tart baking, natural skincare remedy friend of your group. You hang eucalyptus in your shower and prefer to purchase sustainably sourced clothing.  

Your family would describe you as wholesome; you care deeply for yourself, others, and our lovely planet. You would never dare to load your Claw with another booze but have weighed the option of adding a few drops of your treasured CBD oil.  

You are dependable, relaxed, fun-loving, and just a little bit quirky. You keep your loved ones on their toes in the best way. Perhaps an Aquarius or Libra. 

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Natural Lime 

You animal, you. You are the friend we all simultaneously admire and worry for. People wish they could keep up with you, but also are confident they would combust if they reached your level.  

Everything you do, you do to the extreme. You are always taking on new work projects, offering to host and plan every party, serving in multiple leadership positions, and most likely furthering your education on the side. You are a real hustler, and all your friends and family respect your can-do attitude.  

Consequentially, your ‘all or nothing’ charisma translates into your weekend as well. The Lime White Claw has been the perfect mixer for your Marg or Mojito on the fun Saturday nights. I salute you for your dedication to the game, but please leave some fun for the rest of us. 


The world traveler. You love exploring new places and learning all walks of life. You often find yourself daydreaming and get bored or restless quickly.  

You thrive off of little sleep and lots of Thai food and find yourself yearning for the feelings that come with cliff diving and waterfall jumping. You appreciate the simple beauties in life, like the nostalgic feeling of a mild sunburn or the smell of summer nights.  

Your friends would describe you as free-spirited and you are the go-to for meaningful conversation or a new adventure. You fancy the Mango flavor as it reminds you of your favorite tropical getaway.  

Black Cherry 

My friend, you are what White Claws are all about. You prioritize fun (maybe too much, at times) and live by your own rules.  

You have a large group of friends and a packed social schedule. You gravitate towards city life and have mastered the coordination of balancing two people on a Bird scooter.  

You never need a recovery day after a night out, and your version of Sunday Funday could not be complete without an intense slip-n-slide, multiple drinking games, and your very own 6-pack of Black Cherry White Claws.  


Mysterious. You have never had your location services on and you delete all your social media accounts multiple times throughout the year.  

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None of your friends fully understand what you do for a living—something with finance or banking is their usual description—and you make no moves at explaining. You are more reserved, but your nature is endearing; people are drawn to you, but they don’t always vocalize it.  


You definitely have at least 10,000 followers on social media and are constantly getting approached by brand sponsorships. All your friends have pushed you to try out for reality TV because your personality is unlike anyone else.  

You make everyone feel like a friend immediately and have an unparalleled ability to be great at everything you try. You are loud, vivacious, fun-loving, and a little bit wild.  

A total Leo. You never say no to a new opportunity, and probably work in one of those really cool new-age millennial-style offices, where you are the districts best recruiter.  

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