Basketball Performance Pointers From Miles Bridges

NBA star of the Charlotte Hornets, Miles Bridges, reviews amateur basketball players’ sports reels for tips on how to improve and pointing out skills to improve on-court performance.

Bridges review 17-year-old point guard, Carter Domingue, who drives the ball to the basket and notices he paces himself traveling down the court for a right-handed layup. He says that Domingue could have used his left hand but compliments him for making the shot.

Next, Bridges reviews Domingue’s performance on defense and mentions he is playing in the middle zone which Bridges admits he hated playing mid-zone in high school. Bridges explain he could never figure it out without good coaching and he always had to make the right plays to score.

Domingue makes a pass, shifting the defense back to the middle of the court and Bridges says that he has good footwork during an up fake. Bridges says that Domingue most likely learned this from Kobe because this is one of his defense strategies going against taller defenders.

Bridges comments on good bounces pass to his teammates and notes that if you play too close to a defender he could easily go past the player but Domingue recovers, stealing the ball from behind. He also comments that not many people use the bounce pass and instead use the chest pass that is easier for the opposing team to steal.

For more sports and pointers from athletes, check out the video above.

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