British Divers Make Waves on TikTok

Credit: Jack Laugher via Twitter

Not sure who did it better- the Hollywood stars or these shirtless athletes.

Avengers: Endgame was one of the most talked about moments of the summer. It was the largest worldwide film opening, bringing in 2.76 billion dollars and scoring an impressive 94% on rotten tomatoes. Of all the chilling, goose-bump raising, rip-my-heart-out moments that came from the gaggle of superheros, one such scene stands out—when all of the Avengers came through portals to assemble for the last battle scene. CHILLS PEOPLE. And as if that wasn’t already good enough, another group of “heroes” have put their own twist on the scene, and their video is taking over TikTok and Twitter.

A group of professional divers—mostly Olympians—used some fancy editing skills to match their fancy dives and totally recreate that epic assembly scene. As for the athletes in the video, Jack Laugher posing as Doctor Strange and Dan Goodfellow as Captain America are both Olympic medalists representing Great Britain. The duo will be competing together as synchronized diving partners at the Tokyo Olympics. James Heatly, Matty Lee, Yona Kinght-Wisdom, Lucas Thomson, and Noah Williams posing as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Thor. The young men are members of the Great Britain dive squad, and a few of them are hoping for the chance to show off their skills in Tokyo as they may qualify.

The attention and views from the video might help in making them household names before the Olympics begins. The video started on TikTok and was then Tweeted by Laugher, fueling this viral video fire.

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