Bubble Tea Pizza? Domino’s Combines Eastern and Western Cuisine

Credit: Domino’s

Yes, you read that right. Bubble tea pearls on pizza. And no, apparently people don’t hate it.

At first you might have cringed at the headline, but if you think about it, this is probably the ultimate meeting of Eastern and Western cuisine.

Domino’s Pizza has debuted a new pizza that features Taiwan’s famous bubble tea as a topping.

The sugary and chewy beverage was invented by a Taiwan tea house chain in 1988, and in recent years has spread rapidly across the world. If you keep up with food trends, you may have noticed that there are now a lot of tea houses that focus solely on selling bubble tea, and you may have even noticed people dressing up as bubble tea for Halloween. That’s how popular and how much of a cultural statement it is.

The sweet tapioca balls, typically known as boba, can be found in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as across most of Asia.

For just one month only, Domino’s Pizza locations across Taiwan will offer the dessert pizza that includes the black sugar pearls, honey and cheese to create the ultimate soft and chewy pizza.

“Don’t miss the highlight of Taiwan that is popular around the world: the black sugar pearl explosion,” a press release from Domino’s said.

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