Cosmetics Brand Shu Uemura Collaborates with Pokémon for New Make-up Line

Credit: Shu Uemura

Get ready for an electrifying new makeup line that is sure to send sparks and grab attention!

You have to admit that Japan is indeed home to the cutest Pokémon merchandise in the world, and lots of fans flock to Pokémon centers, cafes and shops just to grab all the merch they can. One particular Japanese luxury brand, Shu Uemura, is teaming up with Pokémon for a brand-new line of makeup that will feature a special glittery holiday collection.

The packaging will already include Pikachu’s cute appearance, but Shu Uemura is taking things a step further by creating a spin-off character – a makeup wearing Pikachu, nicknamed ‘Pikashu’ – in honor of the collaboration.

According to Shu Uemura’s social media, makeup enthusiasts can create lots of bold eye looks with the “thunder shock” palette. A “statement yellow” color is even included among the colors, making it an undeniably Pikachu representation.

The release comes in two rounds: the first round will include sixteen products for eyes and lips. The second round will include will six additional items such as blusher and accessories.

The new Pokémon line is already available in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore as of Nov. 1, and will be made available in Korea on Nov. 22, Thailand on Nov. 15, Vietnam on Dec. 1, and Indonesia on Dec. 2. The line is also already available in Taiwan, Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

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