Conveniently Eliminate Plastic Straw Waste With ZippyCap

Cutting out plastic waste can start with something as simple as replacing plastic straws with reusable straws. Traditional reusable straws pose problems with portability, storage, and germs while a ZippyCap offers the ultimate solution straw.

Most reusable straws aren’t built for portability but ZippyCap offers an all-in-one straw with a versatile cap and storage pod. The convenient design allows users to simply twist off the storage base, place the collapsible silicone straw in a desired drink, twist on the cap, and twist the top to sip from the straw.

This design is great for drinks on the go with a secure top that won’t spill when you try to open it while driving. ZippyCap offers convenient storage with a keychain option that floats in water that you can clip to your keys or throw in your bag.

The ZippyCap design also helps to prevent spreading germs with minimal contact required with bare hands with the screw cap to contain the tip of the straw. The special silicone straw features a valve system to control how fast liquid flows with each sip for carbonated by pulling the straw up drinks or non-carbonated beverages by pulling the straw down.

ZippyCap is made with recycled materials in America with 90 percent of the supply chain in the U.S. with the goal of getting to 100 percent by the end of the year. You can help to support this innovative American company by backing this Kickstarter project offering backers ZippyCaps with a cleaning kit and accessories. Also, be sure to give them a follow over on their Instagram to get all the latest!

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