Denver Broncos Game Packed with ‘South Park’ Cutouts

Going down to Empower Field, gonna have myself a time.

If there’s two consistent details to the composition of South Park, it’s A: the show takes place in a small town in Colorado, and B: all the characters look like cheap, cardboard cutouts. But say, y’know what else is in Colorado? The Denver Broncos. And you know what’s been at sporting events lately? Cardboard cutouts in the stands. I smell a marketing opportunity!

In promotion of their “Pandemic Special,” set to air this Wednesday, as well as just to be smarmy, the creators of South Park paid to have a large portion of the stands at Sunday’s Broncos versus Buccaneers game at Empower Field filled with cardboard cutouts of the entire cast of the show. All of the cutout characters were wearing face masks, of course, and a large backdrop from the show was put up in the stadium. The show’s creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, are longtime fans of the Broncos, having sprinkled references to the team all over South Park‘s history.

In an additional act of good will, the cost of producing and setting up all of the South Park cutouts will be be matched by Comedy Central and donated to the Broncos Foundation, the team’s personal charity initiative.

South Park‘s “Pandemic Special” will be airing Wednesday night on Comedy Central at 8 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Central.

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