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A New Era of Women’s Sports Apparel is Finally Here!

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for more fashionable women’s sports apparel. However, the official sports merch has continued to miss the mark for much of the female fan base as many small companies and boutique sellers have begun popping up to create custom trendy sports apparel that women actually want to wear. Gone are the days of ill-fitting jerseys and plain logo-emblazoned T-shirts. Even the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes have taken matters into their own hands and become pretty crafty to support their players while staying photo-ready.

Professional athletes often have celebrity status, and their partners, even if they aren’t already the expected models, actresses, musicians, and influencers, also tend to gain quite a following as a WAG- A term frequently used to describe the Wives and Girlfriends of athletes. Because of these shifts, much more media coverage has focused on “Game day fits” and where these women get their coveted outfits.

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