KitKat Japan To Roll Out New Autumn Offerings

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New fall flavors include sweet potatoe

KitKat is probably one of the most popular candies out there, but sadly, the U.S. doesn’t offer that many interesting flavors other than the typical chocolate, white chocolate and even sometimes seasonal Pumpkin Spice flavor. In Japan though, KitKat takes things to a whole new level, offering some of the most unique and delicious flavors you can imagine.

Now that autumn is creeping upon us, that means that new flavors are going to be rolled out, and candy lovers could not be more excited.

Japan has released over 350 types of KitKat so far and has become famous worldwide for its regional and seasonal specialty bars. So, in preparation for the coming autumn months, KitKat Japan revealed this year’s offerings, inspired by some of the country’s favorite fall treats.

Going on sale in August (because why not get an early start), sweet potato chocolate bars in both milk and white chocolate coating will be available, along with chestnut flavored KitKat will be available for purchase in Japan only. They will be available in packs of 12 for 500 yen, but there will also be convenience store exclusive sets of 3 for 120 yen.

Other famous Japanese KitKat flavors that have made worldwide headlines are Sakura Matcha, regular matcha and regular sakura, sake, Hokkaido Melon with Mascarpone Cheese and more!

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