Logan Paul Under Fire for Crypto Scam Allegations

Credit: Unsplash

Paul has pledged legal action against the YouTuber that investigated him.

Recently, investigative YouTube Stephen ‘Coffeezilla’ Findeisen released a three-part video series detailing his discoveries regarding controversial influencer Logan Paul and his Cryptozoo service. Originally billed as a video game in which players could earn real money via NFT and cryptocurrency trading, multiple individuals testified that they lost large quantities of money investing in Cryptozoo, receiving little to no clarification from Paul about how they would actually turn a profit. It’s for this reason and others that Cryptozoo has been decried by Coffeezilla and others as a financial scam.

This week, Paul fired back against Coffeezilla’s allegations, accusing him of spreading misinformation and publicly disclosing private recordings of meetings with his manager, Jeff Levin. Paul did not provide any concrete proof against Coffeezilla’s allegations, however.

“You have used my name for views and money,” Paul said. “Your addiction to clicks has clouded your judgment and you’ve made very real errors with very real repercussions. [Coffeezilla has continued] to morph from an investigator to a gossip channel. He is a lopsided journalist with an agenda.”

Paul also threatened legal action against the YouTuber, saying “I suggest you use the money from your Patreon to hire a good lawyer, you’re gonna need it. See you in court.”

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