Maxo Kream Rates Taco Bell, Christmas, SpongeBob And It’s Hysterical

It’s all about the little things in life.

It’s often said that celebrity status colors one’s opinions of the world. If you believe John Mulaney, for instance, Mick Jagger has the ability to magically conjure Diet Cokes into his hand just by holding it up and saying “Diet Coke.” An ability like that can change your perception of things quite substantially, though I suppose that’s a bit of an extreme example. Regardless, I think part of the reason people like hearing celebrities’ opinions on things is a matter of either wonder or validation. If their opinions are the same as ours, we think “wow, I had no idea [celebrity] and I were so alike.” If they’re notably different, we think “wow, that’s how a famous person sees the world.” It’s entertaining either way, no?

Rapper Maxo Kream, being a musician in that wacky dimension we call the entertainment industry, has his fair share of opinions. Some are pretty out there, others are pretty reasonable. To discover those opinions, he was brought onto ‘Over/Under,’ the show where celebrities are presented with a variety of concepts, companies, and properties, and asked whether they think they’re overrated or underrated. This includes things like athletes dressing like rappers, dad bods, Taco Bell, and clubbing. Watch ‘Over/Under’ and get a glimpse into Maxo Kream’s view of the world. Or at least a really specific subset of the world.

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