Which Thanksgiving Side Dish are You?

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They may call it Turkey Day, but don’t let the bird have all the glory.

Turkey may be the star of the Thanksgiving table, but it’s just one dish out of an entire spread (or two if you count white and dark meat separately). A gobbler is nice and all, but it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the metric whoa-ton of side dishes to go alongside it. Potatoes, beans, cranberries, breads; no Thanksgiving spread is complete without side dishes across the length of the buffet table, plus big forks or tongs or something. Answer a few questions for us, and we’ll determine which Thanksgiving side dish is closest to your heart.

  • What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Activity?

    • Seeing family
    • Watching football
    • Eating lots of food
    • Spending time with friends
    • Decorating
  • What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Color?

    • Green
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Brown
    • Orange
  • What’s Your Favorite Basic Food Group?

    • Vegetables
    • Fruit
    • Bread
    • Meat
    • Sweets
  • What’s the Best Thanksgiving Decoration?

    • Paper turkey
    • Cornucopia
    • Inflatables
    • Gourds
    • Wreath
  • What’s Your Main Dish of Choice?

    • White meat turkey
    • Dark meat turkey
    • Vegan turkey
    • Pot roast
    • Ham

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