What’s Your Favorite Season?

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“Seasons chaaaaaaaange, time passes byyyyyyyy…”

Spending the last eight or so months trapped inside has made me a little more appreciative of the passing seasons. It was still spring when this whole pandemic mess started, and now my parents are telling me about how much snow they’re getting. It’s bizarre, but at least I can still look out the window and see the changing colors on the leaves. Or at least I would if I didn’t live in Florida and it wasn’t still in the high 70s out there, but I digress.

Every season has something to love about it, from the life-giving sunlight of summer, to the quiet calm of winter. Of course, depending on your preferences and lifestyle, different seasons tend to be appealing to different people. I love winter, for example, because snow and cold make a great excuse to stay inside and do nothing.

I’m willing to bet that with a little information, we can guess what you’re favorite season is, so go ahead and answer a few questions for us.

  • What’s Your Ideal Comfortable Temperature?

    • 80s-90s
    • 70s-80s
    • 60s-70s
    • 60s or below
  • What’s Your Favorite Seasonal Snack?

    • Ice cream
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Apple Cider
    • Strawberry shortcake
  • What’s Your Favorite Seasonal Activity?

    • Pumpkin carving
    • Sledding
    • Gardening
    • Beachgoing
  • What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

    • Christmas
    • Independence Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Easter

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