What’s Your Favorite Season?

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“Seasons chaaaaaaaange, time passes byyyyyyyy…”

Every season has something to love about it, from the life-giving sunlight of summer, to the quiet calm of winter. Of course, depending on your preferences and lifestyle, different seasons tend to be appealing to different people. I love winter, for example, because snow and cold make a great excuse to stay inside and do nothing.

I’m willing to bet that with a little information, we can guess what you’re favorite season is, so go ahead and answer a few questions for us.

  • What’s Your Ideal Comfortable Temperature?

    • 80s-90s
    • 70s-80s
    • 60s-70s
    • 60s or below
  • What’s Your Favorite Seasonal Snack?

    • Ice cream
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Apple Cider
    • Strawberry shortcake
  • What’s Your Favorite Seasonal Activity?

    • Pumpkin carving
    • Sledding
    • Gardening
    • Beachgoing
  • What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

    • Christmas
    • Independence Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Easter

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