The French are Being Asked to Eat More Cheese After Sales Slump

Credit: Getty Images/GMVozd

French citizens are being told it’s their patriotic duty to eat more cheese.

The dairy industry has experienced a slump in sales due to COVID-19, so it is asking for the French people to increase their consumption of brie, camembert, reblochon, and more. In a press release, France Terre de Lait, the French dairy industry, revealed that such cheeses have dropped in sales by 60 percent, and this is largely because of the closure of markets, cheese-mongers and restaurants. People stuck in quarantine have also only been buying basic food products, leaving cheese out as pleasurable item.

With sales in the cheese market down, many dairy farmers are redirecting their efforts to focus more on butter, cream and milk to survive.

Aside from the drop in sales, thousands of tons of cheese is at rick of being thrown away. To prevent this from happening, France Terre de Lait launched a campaign called “Fromagissons,” which means “Let’s act for cheese.”

Credit: ILA France

President of the dairy collective Sodiaal (Société de diffusion internationale agro-alimentaire) Damien Lacombe also said that the situation is “critical” and requires a “rapid increase in consumption” of traditional cheeses, as reported by French agriculture magazine Agri Culture.

The French government is also supporting farmers by offering financial compensation and relaxing some regulations.

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