Tom Sandoval Throws Shade at BFF Tom Schwartz’s Homeownership Status in Song Lyrics

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Tom Sandoval, one of the main cast members of Vanderpump Rules, has taken a shot at his best friend, Tom Schwartz, for not being a homeowner. The tensions between the Toms have been rising ever since Sandoval’s infidelity scandal came to light, which affected his personal relationships and put their joint business venture in jeopardy.

Schwartz, who was involved in Sandoval’s cheating scandal, has faced a significant backlash from their fellow castmates. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the bar they co-own together is reportedly on the verge of collapse due to Sandoval’s actions. According to Jax Taylor, another cast member, the other owners of Schwartz & Sandy’s are attempting to buy out Sandoval and remove him from the business.

During an appearance on Claudia Oshry’s podcast, Taylor shared his experience at Schwartz & Sandy’s, noting that the bar was not as busy as expected. He mentioned that the other owners approached him with an offer to take over Sandoval’s stake in the business. However, Taylor, who was admittedly under the influence of alcohol at the time, declined the offer, recognizing the challenges and pressures that come with owning a bar.

Taylor went on to recount a recent incident involving Sandoval’s band performance in Louisville. Sandoval invited Brittany Cartwright, Taylor’s wife, to attend the show, which sparked Taylor’s anger. He expressed his outrage at Sandoval’s thoughtlessness, accusing him of being self-centered and lacking awareness of the consequences of his actions.

In addition to criticizing Sandoval’s behavior, Taylor took a swipe at his musical aspirations, suggesting that Sandoval should keep his dreams confined to his living room. However, this comment could be seen as hypocritical, given Taylor’s own controversial past and reputation.

It’s evident that tensions are running high among the Vanderpump Rules cast, with Sandoval becoming a frequent target of criticism. While the future of the show remains uncertain, one thing is clear—Sandoval’s actions have strained his relationships and put his professional ventures at risk.

Ultimately, it’s important to recognize that both Sandoval and Taylor have their faults and flaws. Their ongoing feud demonstrates the volatile nature of reality TV and the intense emotions that can arise when personal and professional lives intertwine. As the drama unfolds, fans of Vanderpump Rules will have to wait and see how these conflicts play out and whether the friendships can withstand the strain.

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