Ariana Madix’s Awkward Reunion and Unkind Nickname at BravoCon

Credit Unsplash

Reality star opens up about a challenging encounter with her ex-boyfriend and a mysterious injury.

Television personality and “Dancing With The Stars” beauty, Ariana Madix, recently attended the much-anticipated BravoCon event, where she candidly shared details about an uncomfortable reunion with her ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. Ariana, well-known for her appearances on “Vanderpump Rules,” unveiled an unkind nickname given to her by Sandoval during their encounter.

Ariana and Tom’s relationship came to an end in March after almost a decade, largely due to issues of infidelity. At BravoCon, Ariana disclosed that Tom addressed her as “stank face” during a press line interaction, signaling a lack of remorse or apology.

Speaking with E! News, Ariana expressed her thoughts on the situation, stating, “He came on this press line and called me ‘stank face’ right after. So I don’t think he was planning to [give me an apology].”

Fellow television personality and reality star, Katie Maloney, also shared her perspective on Tom, remarking, “That man wouldn’t know an apology if it slapped him across the face. He just isn’t capable.”

In addition to the BravoCon revelations, Ariana has recently faced a health challenge. She alluded to an injury on her right foot, although specific details remain undisclosed. Notably, Ariana opted not to wear heels for two of her dance performances on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Ariana’s commitment to her well-being was highlighted on Instagram when she mentioned, “Another day, another PT sesh,” indicating her dedication to recovery. On October 5, she shared photos on Instagram that included one revealing her toe wrapped in bandages and playfully referred to “Ninja turtle inspired blister protection.”


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