Lisa Marie Presley Was Not Happy About “Priscilla” the Film

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Daughter of the King of Rock Expresses Apprehensions Regarding Her Father’s Portrayal in Upcoming Movie

Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of legendary musician Elvis Presley, had expressed her concerns about Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film “Priscilla” and its portrayal of her father before her tragic passing earlier this year. In a series of emails obtained by Variety, Lisa Marie voiced her unease about the depiction of her father in the script and the potential impact on his legacy.

The film “Priscilla,” written, directed, and produced by Sofia Coppola, explores the romance between Elvis and Priscilla Presley, which began when they were 24 and 14, respectively. It draws inspiration from Priscilla’s memoir, “Elvis and Me,” providing a unique perspective on their at times tumultuous relationship.

Lisa Marie’s emails to Coppola expressed her deep concern about the film’s portrayal of her father as a “predator and manipulative” figure, which she felt did not align with her own perception of her father. She worried that the film could negatively influence the public’s view of Elvis Presley.

Despite Lisa Marie’s concerns, Priscilla Presley has publicly praised the film and Sofia Coppola’s work, commending her for her efforts in bringing the story to life. In response to Lisa Marie’s emails, Sofia Coppola conveyed her hope that the final film would provide a more nuanced and sensitive portrayal of Elvis while respecting Priscilla’s perspective.

Lisa Marie also highlighted the positive impact of Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 Elvis biopic on her family, which she believed offered a true depiction of her father and provided a sense of pride and honor for her daughters, Harper and Finley Lockwood.

The emails shared by Lisa Marie expressed her protective stance toward her family’s legacy and her concern for her daughters’ well-being, particularly in the face of a film that she believed could portray her father in a negative light.

Sofia Coppola, known for her own famous family ties as the daughter of legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, shared that her personal connection to the material was a significant factor in her decision to create “Priscilla.”

The film “Priscilla” has generated considerable attention and anticipation, and it remains a subject of discussion for its portrayal of a complex chapter in the lives of Elvis and Priscilla Presley.


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