Track Santa as he Flies Through the Night Sky

Credit: Unsplash

NORAD’s new app follows Saint Nick as he delivers presents.

You know something that genuinely warms my heart? The lengths to which the people of the world will go to keep the idea of Santa Claus alive in the hearts of children. Whether or not there is a physical jolly fat guy flying around delivering presents, there’s no doubt that Santa still exists in our hearts and minds. He’s a memetic entity, existing as long as we believe in him, like Hatsune Miku or Kevin Bacon. The North American Aerospace Defense Command is continuing that lovely tradition of keeping Santa in our hearts with a fun new app.

On NORAD’s official website, as well as on the Apple Store and Google Play Store, you can find an app that shows a live readout of Santa Claus as he flies around the world all Christmas Eve, delivering much-needed presents to the good kids of planet Earth. Of course, Santa is wearing a face mask this year; just because the kids aren’t allowed to see him doesn’t give him an excuse to be irresponsible. At time of writing, Santa is finishing up in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and has delivered 1,772,917,374 presents and counting. It’s Christmas magic, don’t think too hard about it.

In addition to this entertaining display, NORAD is running its annual Santa call center at the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As always, there are plenty of volunteers on hand to take calls from kids curious about Santa’s current location, though the total number of volunteers this year has been reduced in the interest of pandemic safety. Speaking of which, health officials have assured the world’s children that Santa is taking every precaution on his travel to keep himself healthy. Dr. Anthony Fauci even gave his personal assurance that Santa had received a COVID-19 vaccine to Sesame Street‘s Elmo.

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