YouTuber Natalia Taylor Poses in Ikea for Fancy ‘Bali Vacation’

Credit: natalia_taylor/Instagram

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

Popular YouTuber Natalia Taylor posted a series of photos on her Instagram that made it seem like she had traveled to a far-off exotic destination. She posed lounging about in what appeared to be a fancy bathtub as well as sitting in front of a floral mirror.

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The queen has arrived 🌊💖 #bali

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Her location was set as Bali, Indonesia. But was it really?

In a video she later posted to YouTube, the influencer revealed that the photos were actually staged and taken in an Ikea. She said that all the Instagram photos were fake, but she did that to prove a point.

“Sometimes, people want to lie about who they are,” Taylor said in her YouTube video. “It’s not hard to do.”

Taylor went on to say that social media makes it easy for anyone to become who they want, which can be wonderful, but also bad at the same time.

“As we all know, not everyone is transparent online. We could all use a fun reminder to take social media less seriously,” Taylor said. “And don’t believe everything you see online.”

With the help of photographer Ally Amodeo, Taylor held a photo shoot in different sections of Ikea. And on her Instagram, Taylor posted videos of Bali to her story, but she revealed that some of those videos were sent from friends who actually went, and others were found online.

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