Alaska Airlines to Give Flyers Priority Seating if They’re Holding a Starbucks Holiday Cup

Credit: Alaska Airlines

There’s a lot more to get excited about when it comes to Starbucks’ holiday cups!

Alaska Airlines is offering priority boarding to passengers who are holding Starbucks’ holiday-themed coffee cups. Passengers will board in what the airlines is calling an “espresso” lane. The promotion is a collaboration between the two Seattle-based companies and begins today, Thursday, Nov. 7 until Sunday, Nov. 10.

Passengers who partake in the promotion will also find Starbucks treats on their seats upon boarding the plane.

However, while this does sound like a sweet deal, there are some limitations. Although anyone holding a Starbucks cup can board early, they won’t be the first to get on the plane. First-class passengers and elite members of Alaska Air’s frequent-flyer program will still board first, as usual. Cup holders will board in the fifth boarding group, right before passengers who sit in the back of the airplane. There are no additional perks.

Alaska Airlines also added that passengers do not need to drink one of Starbucks’ special holiday drinks; regular coffee or even water will be fine. The cups could even be empty, according to the airline, as long as passengers finish their drink before the flight boards.

Seems like Starbucks is really drumming up the holidays this year!

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