Believe It Or Not, Dog Fashion Can Reduce Anxiety

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Benefits of a Thundershirt

Fashion and clothing for your pet may not be at the forefront of your mind, but maybe it should be. The benefits of dog clothing could be more than just a dapper-looking pet. Some clothing for dogs could even help with the health and happiness of your dog. 

Does your pet whimper, whine, or pace uncontrollably? This could be a sign of anxiety in your pets. You may not know but clothing options such as wraps or compression shirts can actually provide calm and ease some of the anxiety that dogs may get. 

While a lot of the data on the compression clothing for pets maybe anecdotal, studies have shown that compression clothing, like a Thundershirt, can lower the heart rate of a dog which can be an indicator of anxiety. Good uses for this could be during fireworks or other loud events or other trigger events for your pet. The compression clothing could also be a good alternative for costly medication for your pet. Do consult a veterinarian however, if you feel your dog may suffer from anxiety. 

Either way, compression clothing for Fido could be the best thing for you and your pet. And it doesn’t look half bad either. 

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