Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Resolve Custody Dispute Amicably

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Celebrity couple find common ground for the sake of their children.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have put their custody battle to rest, focusing on co-parenting their two young daughters, 3-year-old Willa and 1-year-old Delphine.

After a successful mediation session, the couple released a joint statement expressing their commitment to providing loving homes for their children both in the United States and the United Kingdom. “After a productive and successful mediation, we have agreed that the children will spend time equally in loving homes in both the U.S. and the UK,” they stated. “We look forward to being great co-parents.”

The pair had reportedly attended mediation sessions last week, with both parties believing an “amicable resolution on all issues between them” was on the horizon. According to court documents, they have agreed that Sophie Turner will have custody of the girls from Oct. 9 to Oct. 21 in the UK. Afterward, the children will be returned to their father, Joe Jonas, who will have custody until Nov. 2.

The custody arrangement extends through Jan. 7, 2024, ensuring that both parents will share holiday time with their daughters.

Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner last month after four years of marriage, leading to a brief period of legal proceedings. Turner had initially sued for the “immediate return” of their daughters to England, expressing the couple’s original intention to raise their children in the UK. A representative for Joe Jonas clarified that he did not “abduct” their children and was open to the idea of raising them in both the US and the UK.

A source close to the situation noted that Joe Jonas did not want to engage in a protracted legal battle with his ex-wife and aimed to reach a fair agreement concerning their children.

While the custody matter has been settled, the remaining aspects of their divorce proceedings, particularly the location of the case, are yet to be determined. Sophie Turner is pushing for the case to be heard in the UK, while Joe Jonas is advocating for a US-based case.

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