Kanye Offered Me a Boob Job, says Julia Fox

Kanye West
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Inside the Whirlwind Romance: Unconventional Gestures and Intimate Insights

Actress Julia Fox has shed light on her brief yet eventful romance with rapper Kanye West in her recently published memoir, “Down the Drain.” In the candid memoir, Julia provides a glimpse into the whirlwind relationship, including some unconventional moments and gestures from the rapper.

One of the intriguing anecdotes shared in the book centers on a revealing fashion choice made by Julia. Feeling uneasy in a particularly daring outfit, Kanye West reportedly offered to pay for a breast augmentation surgery, saying, “I’ll get you a boob job if you want.” Julia declined the offer but recalled spending quality time with Kanye, engaging in activities like playing Uno and a word-highlighting game from the dictionary.

In “Down the Drain,” the 33-year-old actress also delves into the initial stages of their connection. After being introduced by a mutual friend, Julia and Kanye met at a Miami club on New Year’s Eve 2021. Julia vividly described their encounter, where Kanye’s hands roamed as they shared a hug, leaving her with a sense that it marked the “beginning of something truly special.”

The Uncut Gems star spilled even more details. When they ventured into the parking lot, Julia disclosed that Kanye, aged 46, dared to, well, let’s say he decided to relieve himself against a wall. It was a moment that left her no choice but to jump in front of him, acting as his shield from any curious onlookers.

“After he zipped up his pants,” she wrote, “he pulled me close, kissing me passionately.”

Despite the fiery start, Julia Fox revealed that her relationship with Kanye West began to cool down after just a month, with what she perceived as “the first sign of a red flag.”

Julia Fox has emphasized that her memoir does not delve into explicit details about her relationship with Kanye West, highlighting that it was not the focus of her storytelling.

“Down the Drain,” released on October 10, provides readers with a unique perspective on the actress’s life experiences, including her brief but memorable time with the iconic rapper.

Julia Fox recently clarified her intentions behind sharing her experiences, stating that she wishes to move forward without animosity, emphasizing that it’s all in the past.

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