John Legend Trolling Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram!

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Credit: Unsplash

The celebrities made out to one of Legend’s tracks.

John Legend, the soulful singer, and songwriter recently had a hilarious reaction to a viral video of Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski making out to one of his songs.

In the video, which was posted on social media, the two celebrities can be seen passionately kissing while John Legend’s hit song “All of Me” plays in the background. The footage quickly went viral, with fans commenting on the steamy scene and the unexpected choice of music.

John Legend, for his part, seemed to find the whole thing amusing. In a tweet that has since been shared thousands of times, he wrote, “Making out to Dope. So dope 😎”. The tweet was accompanied by a laughing emoji, making it clear that Legend was taking the whole thing in stride.

Fans of the singer were quick to respond to his tweet, with many praising him for his sense of humor and others sharing their own reactions to the video. Some even suggested that Legend should collaborate with Styles and Ratajkowski on a new song, given their shared love of his music.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that John Legend has been the subject of viral memes and videos. Despite all the attention, however, John Legend has remained a class act throughout it all, always taking the jokes and memes in stride and even occasionally joining in on the fun himself.

It’s just one more reason why he’s one of the most beloved and talented performers of our time.

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